Life Insurance Plans

A Life Insurance policy provides you with a sense of security knowing that your loved ones have financial options if you were to suddenly pass away. The types of policies we offer are Term Life Insurance, Whole life insurance and Indexed Universal Life Insurance. You will find a breakdown of all three types of policies below.

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Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is designed to provide death benefits to the named beneficiaries of the policy holder. People typically buy Term Life Insurance to cover the cost of living for their families, as well as large expenses like college tuition, in the event that they pass away during a specified term.

One of the primary benefits of Term Life Insurance is it’s initial lower cost when compared to permanent insurance. Term life insurance policies are cheaper because: 

  • you are typically only paying for the death benefit (the payment your beneficiaries will receive if you pass away during the term of the policy)
  • they offer coverage for a predetermined period of time

Young families will find Term Life Insurance to be a great option due to their flexibility, simplicity, and number of available options.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance, also known as permanent life insurance, lasts for a policy holder’s lifetime as opposed to Term Life Insurance which is for a specific amount of years. This policy is paid out to a beneficiary (or beneficiaries) upon the policy holder’s death, provided that the premium payments were maintained.

Whole Life Insurance not only provides a death benefit, but also provides a savings component where cash can accumulate; it can also can be invested. Additionally, the policy holder can access the cash while alive, by either withdrawing or borrowing against it, when needed.

This policy is ideal for people that desire coverage throughout their entire life and are looking to build their family’s wealth over a long period of time.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance is permanent, which means it lasts your entire life and builds cash value. One of the most attractive features of an IUL is the ability to take advantage of stock market returns without the risk of loss; and it does so while building up a death benefit that your beneficiaries will receive tax-free.

The policy holder can make unlimited contributions to the policy and distributions are tax-free, unlike other life insurance options. Distributions can be taken at any time as there is no age requirement. Depending on your policy and available cash, you can borrow money from your IUL without facing penalties, taxe, or a credit check. You also do not have to pay back the money you take out.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance policies are appealing to individuals with large up-front investments who want options for a tax-free retirement.