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We research YouTube for the best videos to help explain the various types of insurance policies available. Most videos on YouTube are informative but we feel they may be a bit long for the average person to watch. So we have put together the best and "shortest" we could find.

Medicare Explained

How to Maximize your
Social Security Benefits

Medicare Explained in 2 minutes.

What you need to know about Medicare Advantage Plans

Individual & Family Health

Health Insurance Benefits 101

Understanding Health Insurance

This website is still under construction. There will be more videos posted in the near future.

Life Insurance Policies

The importance of Life

Understanding Indexed
Universal Life Insurance

AIG Guarantee Issue Final Expense

Retirement Income Planning / My Videos

My Videos

So far, we have produced one video - "Retirement income Planning". However, we plan to produce other short videos explaining Medicare Supplements, Individual & Family Health and Life Insurance policies in the near future.

Bruce Jenkins explains
Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Income Planning

Basics on Indexed Annuities

Family Ready Retirement

Retirement Ready Annuity

Special Messages

Please check back soon for more short videos.

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~Desmond Tutu

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