Retirement Income Planning

Where will your retirement income come from? If you are like most people, it comes from qualified retirement plans, Social Security, personal savings and investments.

Bruce Jenkins Insurance takes a holistic approach to retirement income planning by including your healthcare needs and costs. The goal is to minimize your out of pocket healthcare expenses from your retirement income. Thus, leaving you with more expendable income.

Let us help you with a sound approach to your retirement income strategy.

Social Security Optimization


Guaranteed vs. Non-
Retirement Income

Federal Employee
Retirement Income

Applying for Social Security is an important time in your life. Knowing when to sign up is crucial. We can help you increase and maximize your benefits while avoiding reductions, excessive taxes and signup mistakes.

Knowing you will be taken care of during your post working years is paramount. We can help you plan your long term needs by strategizing your retirement income and plan accordingly. Keeping your investments safe is our number one priority. We are just a phone call away to answer any questions you may have.

Your retirement income plan should include secured income sources to cover basic monthly expenses. Examples of secured income sources are pension payments from an employer and Social Security retirement income.

You may also wish to consider increasing your secured retirement income by purchasing an income annuity.

These insurance based instruments can provide a guaranteed income for life for you and a survivor as well as protection of your resources against financial volatility.

Let us help evaluate the right annuity for your individual situation.

Federal employees reaching retirement age should consider their current situation/needs and apply them with:

1. Thrift Saving Plan
2. FERS Annuity/Pension
3. Social Security
4. Health & Life Insurance
5. Long Term Care

Medicare Supplemental Plans

Individual & Family Health Plans

Life Insurance

Retirement Income Planning

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